👋 Hello/Hola/Ciao/Hallo!

My name is Daniele. I am an AWS serverless community builder, and I like simple solutions because they are the keys to a practical, maintainable design.

I have worked around Europe:

  • Ireland
  • England
  • Germany
  • Italy

I travelled a lot, maybe too much :)

I got interested in blogging, and I'm quite active on Twitter, GitHub and LinkedIn. If you are interested, follow me.

⚡ Few things about me:

  • Live in Munich, Germany
  • I moved to Germany because of the Brexit
  • I can develop stuff in .NET, Node.js and Rust and speak Italian, English and not anymore Spanish, and it is all a big mix in my head
  • I speak a lot or as some said:

    It is impossible to ask an Italian not to argue